This summer, we were inspired by a fan story that developed through our weekly Facebook charm giveaway. Laureen was the winner of the Aquarius charm from our new Zodiac Collection. Once the prize was announced, she read through the post comments and was especially moved by one written by Donna. Donna and her husband both shared the Aquarius sign. Her husband was suffering from terminal cancer, and she was hoping to win the charm to wear in honor of their love and life together. When Laureen read Donna’s comment she was reminded of her own cancer story, and she immediately sent a private message to the Chamilia page requesting that her prize be sent to Donna, a gesture of “paying it forward.” Chamilia sent both women charms as a way to acknowledge the power of paying it forward and remembering those we love. Every Friday in October, Chamilia will be offering fans an opportunity to continue paying it forward.

How it works:

Each Friday during the month of October, fans can respond to a #PayItForward giveaway question by leaving a comment below the post on the Chamilia Jewelry Facebook page. For each post, one fan will be randomly selected to receive two prizes - one to give or “pay it forward,” and one to remind them to continue to think of others in the future.

Visit facebook.com/ChamiliaJewelry to participate.

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